Investor Lee Cooperman Jokes on air

Legendary investor Lee Cooperman jokes in an interview. He’s been successfully investing for over 50 years. He’s a generous and modest billionaire investor who also runs a hedge fund to help others invest profitably. Lee Cooperman jokes “(Shorting government bonds), has been a widow-maker for 25 years. So I’m not short U.S. government bonds because they’re totally mispriced. One day they will be a good short. I’m just staying away from them. It’s like looking at a rattlesnake that is curled up in the corner. And you give it a kick to see if it’s alive. I think the smart thing is just to stay away from it”. Investor Lee Cooperman jokes are hilarious but he takes investing seriously enough that many others trust him with their investing decisions. Another reason we like him is that his philosophy is in harmony with ours -Jeff Linroth


  1. Dale Sherrod says:

    Enjoyed it and thanks !

    This country needs more good wholesome humor these days !

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