A Jeff Linroth kind of car?

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more distance put between a modern car and a Jeff Linroth kind of car, it has been done…by Bentley. This incredible device manages to get its customers to part with anywhere between 175 thousand and 300 thousand dollars. What all you receive for the price of a small house located in some parts of Middle America is very luxurious as you might expect.

To be fair, you can’t just go out into some typical pleasant neighborhood and expect to find a Jeff Linroth kind of car…even if you look hard. It is a tall order. It needs to be cheap, noisy, a convertible, and have some sort of repair or refinement that has been planned for a while but is still somehow undone. Like any good desirable thing, sometimes it can get taken a little too far. Better to find something that is a balance between not spending your entire savings on the purchase price and not having to spend your entire savings on repairs or restorations.

While everyone can appreciate a beautiful car at a car show, there is a lot to be said for having one that is really nice but is not so nice that you are afraid to drive it. That is the hallmark of a Jeff Linroth kind of car. It is the aspiration of this author to, at least once, have a car nice enough to make him nervous about damaging it while driving it!

What is the nicest car you’ve ever had…that you still felt wasn’t so perfect that you didn’t want to drive it? Snap a picture and toss it in with a comment if you have that car now (or a picture of a car you used to have and love)! Thanks for reading this far and here’s wishing you happy motoring wherever you go and whenever you go there.

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  1. Michael G says:

    I think I might like a Jeff linroth kind of car!

    • scotty says:

      Owning a Jeff Linroth kind of car can be a mixed blessing. It’s often best just to ride in someone else’s. And yes…this is an example of what economists refer to as the “free rider” problem.

  2. TL says:

    Camaro that still has hubcaps!

  3. M-blem says:

    My criterion: it needs to run, a/c and cruise control need to work. Beyond that, if I’m driving it I won’t see the outside.
    That said, I once put both hubcaps on the passenger side so my date wouldn’t know that two were missing.
    – jus sayin’

  4. Tim says:

    Do you own the car? Or does the car own you? Inquiring Buddhist minds want to know.

    • Jeff Linroth says:

      It is a continuum. The more you love the car, the more it owns you instead of you owning it.
      – Jeff Linroth

  5. Eeek says:

    I never have nice cars. They are too much to worry about.

  6. Tater says:

    I have never had a Jeff Linroth kind of car that was so NICE that I was afraid to drive. Nice post Jeff.

  7. Bones says:

    Cars bring both freedom and enslavement, especially for those poorer members of American society who can’t afford car payments, insurance, and fuel costs, while it’s the only way they can get from A to B.

  8. The Duke says:

    This car is a treasure. I’m going to buy one soon!

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