About Leaving It Better

What sets us apart?

While the business aspects of managing and leading a small company well are very important, the profound advice and counsel we provide at a personal level often provides exceptional value beyond the bottom line.  Small Business Consultant Jeff Linroth takes care to incorporate your core values and goals and objectives into every action we take and each recommendation we make.

Jeff is accessible at times and places that are convenient for YOU. This includes evenings and weekends. This also includes meeting you at your house, your office, or even your favorite restaurant if you prefer.

Jeff is responsive when you reach out!

We care passionately about you and your objectives. We take care of the little things as well as the critical ones. We want you to enjoy your relationship with us as well as the results we deliver.

Jeff’s Philosophy

You are put first in all of our dealings.

We treat you as YOU want to be treated.

We are truthful in all situations always.

We let you know what you can expect.

We provide outstanding value.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.