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Why Economists Fear the Commandments

According to Dr. Avichai Snir Empirical evidence suggests that economists do not know the 10 commandments yet they behave like socially inclined sissies when reminded about them. Economists fear the commandments. Dr. Snir shows that this puzzle can be explained if we assume that economists are both rational and fear God despite not believing in […]

10 Best Seasons by Pitchers

Walter Johnson – 1913 (age 27) Won-Lost Record 36-7 ERA 1.14 11 Shutouts (best of the 10 best seasons by pitchers) Walter Johnson was among the most dominating pitchers ever to pick up a baseball. His best season easily qualifies as number one of the 10 best seasons by pitchers. In his 1913 season he […]

Investor Lee Cooperman Jokes on air

Legendary investor Lee Cooperman jokes in an interview. He’s been successfully investing for over 50 years. He’s a generous and modest billionaire investor who also runs a hedge fund to help others invest profitably. Lee Cooperman jokes “(Shorting government bonds), has been a widow-maker for 25 years. So I’m not short U.S. government bonds because […]