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How and Why Eating More Often Helps!

With so much advice about diet, food, and how to eat it is refreshing to find something simple! I had heard that eating more often is “better for you” but the explanations have seemed incomplete or incomprehensible. Dr. Dan Benardot has made this easy to understand in his podcast about the merits of eating more […]

Why Economists Fear the Commandments

According to Dr. Avichai Snir Empirical evidence suggests that economists do not know the 10 commandments yet they behave like socially inclined sissies when reminded about them. Economists fear the commandments. Dr. Snir shows that this puzzle can be explained if we assume that economists are both rational and fear God despite not believing in […]

10 Best Seasons by Pitchers

Walter Johnson – 1913 (age 27) Won-Lost Record 36-7 ERA 1.14 11 Shutouts (best of the 10 best seasons by pitchers) Walter Johnson was among the most dominating pitchers ever to pick up a baseball. His best season easily qualifies as one of the 10 best seasons by pitchers. In his 1913 season he was […]

Investor Lee Cooperman Jokes on air

Legendary investor Lee Cooperman jokes in an interview. He’s been successfully investing for over 50 years. He’s a generous and modest billionaire investor who also runs a hedge fund to help others invest profitably. Lee Cooperman jokes “(Shorting government bonds), has been a widow-maker for 25 years. So I’m not short U.S. government bonds because […]

Choose Your Roles Carefully

Your roles are leverage for your time – by Jeff Linroth There are many ways you can spend your time. When you choose your roles carefully you have a context for deciding how to spend your time. This is one of the most meaningful things you can do to make the most of your time. […]

Make 2021 Better Than 2020!

An idea for having a good and prosperous one Identify the roles where spending your time will matter most. You get to choose how and where you are spending your time. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming to narrow the options and commit. In the face of this reality, a key […]

Staying Organized

There is no shortage of people (and books), that pledge help and tools to get organized. It’s hard enough to get organized. It can be particularly hard to stay organized. One of the biggest reasons is that the benefits cited are often short-term and the techniques offered are tactical. The headline is usually some form […]

The Land of Can

The Land of Canaan was a large and prosperous country. Today I propose that we can bring great and varied forms prosperity to everyone else as well as ourselves if we become citizens of “The Land of Can”. The Land of Can What is this Land? It is comprised of wonderful human beings who persist […]

Love is a Verb

Much is made of how important it is to tell people you love them. This is indeed very important…but it must be preceded by deeds. Not only is love a verb…it is an action verb. If you want people to believe you when you say “I love you”, consistently extend yourself for their benefit. Be […]

Spare Capacity

Benefits of Spare Capacity Operating with spare capacity provides a lot of things. Insurance, peace of mind, the ability to respond to the unforeseen, and endurance. It is hugely helpful to have spare time, spare financial resources, and spare emotional capacity. Remember, however, it’s all just time. 🙂 The False Virtue of “Busyness” It has […]

Ignorance of the Law…

Is no excuse. And yet…. We do not teach our citizens about the laws. We don’t require our them to demonstrate knowledge of the laws of the land at all. Why not? If we say to ourselves that “it’s too much work” or “it’s too complicated”, should we contemplate making it easier for the average […]